Notary Services

As an added convenience and service, Circa Classics' Proprietor, Kathleen D. Emmons, is a Pennsylvania Licensed Notary Public.  Notary Service is available in the shop or by special appointment after hours.  You are encouraged to contact the shop prior to your visit to confirm the availability of the Notary.  Also, if your document requires witnesses, please be sure to bring them with you along with current photo identification.  The Fee Schedule is as follows:  Executing Affidavits $5.00; Executing Verifications $5.00; Executing Acknowledgements $5.00 (each additional names $2.00); Executing Certificates $5.00; Administering Oaths $5.00.  Charges are per seal.  Additional charges, such as clerical fees, photocopying and faxing and emailing are determined by the Notary Public.  Notary services are not available for our on-line customers.